Substituting Natural Lashes Detroit With The Extensions

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By Andrew Hall

For a long time, women have been using man made means to make better how their eyes appear. In the Victorian times, the use of the mascara came in fashion. After that, there came the development of the fake eyelashes. There is a current upgrade on this. This is the invention of the extensions for the eyelashes. The article gives information on these eyelash extensions which substitutes Natural Lashes Detroit that you need to know.

The difference between the false eyelashes and the eyelash extensions. The false eyelashes are the making of a complete lashes on a base. They are then glued to the eyelids on the bottom of the eyelashes. These are easily eliminated and are short-term. The extensions are a series of the individual eyelashes. They are fixed to the existing eyelashes and can last up to four weeks before needing a touch-up.

They are relatively lighter than the false products. You will not feel uncomfortable when you put them. They come from human hair or the organic one. You may also prefer to use the known mink hair or the human fiber. Today, most people wish to go for the mink or fiber types since they are easily available.

You need to look for a good beautician to fix these eyelashes. The best beauticians will look at your eyelashes carefully first. They then select those that will most likely provide a stable foundation for the extensions. Each of the individual extensions will then be applied to an existing eyelash using a special glue. To create a real looking eyelash, you will need around 50 to 100 extensions.

Every extension that you decide to have should have some care. It is required that you keep them off from the water. Remember the glue will come off, and this is not something that you expect. Stay away from any oily products such as removers or makeup.

You will also need to know how long you can stay with the lashes. They can serve you for some time as far as your hair stay input on your eyelid. The natural ones will serve you for 40 days. These kinds can last for only sometimes especially if they are not on your eyelashes. If you want to look great, you should have them touched up every 3 to 4 days.

With these extensions, you are free to go for swimming. However, you need to remember to avoid water for the initial 24 hours. After this glue has bonded as it should, then you are free to go for swimming. The lashes can be removed by a trained beautician. You can also remove them at home. However, this can be a time-consuming procedure. You may also need to try several times before they are completely removed.

These extensions cannot affect your eyes or the natural eyelashes. This is unless you are allergic to the fiber that is used in making them. You may also be allergic to the glue that is utilized in the bonding. If you are allergic to any known fibers, you need to mention this before the extensions are applied.

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