How To Achieve Professional Results Using Sun Lab Lotions

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By Haywood Hunter

Many improvements have been made to sunless tans over recent years, so it's now possible to achieve a natural tan without exposing oneself to harmful UV rays. Sun Lab lotions and sprays can generate a tan that appears natural and doesn't have a typical orange tone. Sun Lab products will produce improved tone if they are well applied and the skin is properly prepared.

Skins that are sun kissed look healthy and make one seem slimmer. Toned skin hides many flaws and lines, and also gives the wearer more confidence. Since spending time in the sun causes aging, it's best to avoid it and use Sun Lab sunless tanning products. It's possible to get a salon-based airbrushed tan, but this is a costly option that is inconvenient for regular use. Instead, home based Sun Lab application needs to be perfected to produce the best results.

Sunless tans work more effectively when one chooses the right tone and product, in accordance with one's natural skin tone. It seems logical that one should choose a lighter product if one has a darker skin and vice versa. However, Sun Lab products that produce deeper tans are preferred by those with paler skins.

The largest problems encountered when applying a bottled tan are uneven streaking and two tones. These issues can be avoided by ensuring that the skin is correctly prepared before application. It needs to be well exfoliated because dry skin tends to collect more pigment. The skin should be moisturized, which should be done with a water based lotion immediately after getting out of the shower.

When skin is moisturized after showering, the skin can better retain the moisture it has already absorbed. When water based products are used that have no emollient content, the skin is likely to lose its plumpness quickly. Emollients seal moisture into the skin, and should only be used on the days when one is not applying Sun Lab products. Oil on the skin can result in an uneven tone.

Sun lab lotions and sprays are available in several different product types. Those that can be sprayed on help to improve the evenness of the result and prevent one from deepening the color of the palms and cuticles. Lotion can be more evenly applied by rubbing it in using a circular motion. A glove is helpful for lotions.

After application of Sun Lab lotion, it's important to immediately wash the hands and the areas around the finger and toe nails, where pigment appears unnatural. Sun Lab also offers a range of maintenance products that make one's tone last longer without the need for lengthy reapplication procedures. Unlike competing products, which generally produce results overnight, Sun Lab products show their effects within a few hours. This allows consumers to wash off the product before they go to bed so that linen and clothing are not stained.

Certain Sun Lab products generate a particularly deep tone, but they are still light enough to suit pale people. Those who have darker skin can apply product a few times a week to slowly build a more natural and controlled tan. This gives one more control over the final result and produces a far more natural look.

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