Facts And Information About The Advantages Of Self Tanning Lotion

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By Haywood Hunter

Nowadays, more people are aware of the bad effects that come with over exposure to natural and artificial sunlight. Many individuals are afraid to lay out in the bright rays, but still want that healthy glow. Luckily, self tanning lotion is available.

The great thing about self tanning lotion is that it provides grease free and light weight coverage that makes the skin a nice bronze shade. It makes a person look like they have spent the day at the beach. Self tanning lotion is perfectly safe to use and will not damage skin in any way.

Although application of the self tanning cream may seem difficult, the fact is that it's easily done. The important thing to remember is to carefully prepare the skin for the self tanning lotion. Done properly, the effects are quite stunning.

The first step is to successfully apply self tanning lotion is to take a shower and thoroughly exfoliate the body. This is best done the night before self tanning cream will be applied. Pat the skin dry and don't apply any lotions or other products.

Self tanning lotion tends to stain the skin quite easily so it's important to wash hands thoroughly between each application. Some people prefer to wear rubber gloves when applying the self tanning lotion. They should be changed with each coat of cream.

The best way to eliminate creasing is to begin at the bottom of the body and work towards the top. Use thin layers of self tanning lotion and be quick to prevent uneven drying. Taking such steps will ensure a natural look.

Allow each coat of self tanning lotion to dry for at least thirty minutes. This will eliminate an uneven tone and deter clumping. Avoid putting on any clothing or sitting on the furniture while waiting for the self tanning lotion to dry.

Streaks are sometimes unavoidable. Luckily, there is an easy method of removing the self tanning lotion and redoing the messed up region. Simply mix some water and lemon juice into a bowl and use a washcloth to remove the streaks. Once the area is completely dry, self tanning lotion is easy to apply once again.

Self tanning lotion provides individuals with a safe and easy method of achieving an all over glow. The lotions are quite affordable and last for a week at a time. There is no better way to look fresh during the summer months.

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